About International World Wide Trading Solutions

The main focus of IWWTS is to bring quality products, both represented by us directly from their manufacturers or suppliers and our own brands, to many countries around the world, at affordable and competitive prices. We provide our clients with efficient and reliable services based on our company’s reputation and integrity.

We proudly represent many companies around the world. To see a list of other products we offer, please click on “Products” in our website main page.
Some of the products that can be found through IWWTS include Super Goool (a powdered drink available in a variety of flavors), which is our own brand. We currently have offices in the United States, Turkey, Germany, Mexico and throughout Africa and work directly with the governments of many of those countries.

IWWTS is also involved, along with the United Nations and The Rockefeller Foundation, in delivering humanitarian aide to people without the financial capacity to finish projects that benefit those in need. We are proud to announce the creation of International World-Wide Foundation for Africa (IWWFA) with the purpose of managing and assisting all world organizations in their effort to provide relief from hunger, poverty and illness in the entire world. To set an example, our company will donate 20% of our proceeds to IWWFA according to our commercial operations and trades in each country in which we are established.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us via email at iwwts@aol.com or call 001 407 468 0092